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War changes life in the way it never can; from the novels The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane and Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, the perception of anti-war, which the scars of humans’ mind can be seen. Though war ends, but war in the heart of the people is hard to erase. The authors convey this through symbolism of the name of the novel in which the characterization of the main character take place, the first person point of view of the novels, the satire tone, and the deception of war. The Red Badge of Courage symbolizes the wound that Henry viewed it a symbol for courage. "He wished that he, too, had a wound, a red badge of courage."(81) ‘a badge of courage’ is a diction that the author creates, in order to be ironic to the main…show more content…
As the characterization of the main characters develops, Crane’s opinions are state throughout the main character development. The author method of demonstrating the reality of war is the narration of the author. “The youth had been thought that a man becomes another thing in the battle. He saw his salvation in such a change.”(36) Henry Fleming believed that war will changes him into a man. This foreshadows that the affect of war point will come up again; “He fought an intense battle with his body. His dulled senses wished him to swoom and he opposed them stubbornly, his mind portraying unknown dangers and mutilations if he should fall upon the field.”(107) This is a narration from the third person omniscient point of view. The author creates a conflict of Henry against himself through the narration in order to bring tension into the novels as a motivation to conflict of war. Unlike Catch 22 the author uses the minor characters to reveals his opinion on war. Despite the minor characters that represent the author, the dialogue that Yossarian has with these minor characters demonstrates the affect of war on him. These minor characters do not necessarily one minor character, but many, and most of them does not know Yossarian for real but still give him a very sharp word that the reader’s can feel the sarcastic tone of them. Imagery from Nately words appears through Yossarian mind as the dialogue take place. The most

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