"The Red Badge of Courage"

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"The Red Badge of Courage" is the story of one young boy's journey through the Civil War and his quest for manhood. Henry, or The Youth as he is known in the book, is very naive in the beginning of the book. He sees war as something more glamorous and romantic than it actually is. He is very innocent and unaware of what war is truly like. Henry's only wish is to be seen as a hero and he believes that fighting in war will grant him that. This idea Henry has gotten in his mind about war being so exciting and making heroes makes a lot of sense. War has always been something that is glamorized in the world. Whether it be a book about it or a movie, war always seems like something fascinating. They make it seem war is this fascinating…show more content…
He sees a squirrel run away from him when he gets too close and he believes that just like the squirrel, he too ran away from danger as an act of survival. He is now satisfied with himself and is no longer putting himself down from running, that is until he sees the corpse. Crane doesn't try to make the corpse anything more than what it is. He doesn't hide any of the more gruesome details of the corpse, but instead describes them in much detail. When Henry sees this corpse he is horrified and believes that the corpse is a sign that he made the wrong move. He immediately runs out of the forest and tries to go back to his regiment. Seeing disturbing corpses like these are common in war but are not talked about most of the time. When Crane describes the corpse he mentions how his eyes are almost gone and his skin is pale. He also mentions how the corpses mouth is open and is now yellow. He talks about ants crawling all over the body, eating it. These details, while disgusting to read, show the realisticness of war. There are corpses and they are not pretty. People die, that is what war is all about, killing. When Crane describes people dying he doesn't hide the disturbance of their death. He talks about them in full detail. He describes the tangled postitions the corpses are lying in, and the bloody wounds they have. These more gory details of war are things some people may not realize about the sad reality of it all, but Crane does not

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