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The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage, by Steven Crane, has been considered one of the greatest war novels of all time. It is a story that realistically depicts the American Civil War through the eyes of Henry Fleming, an ordinary farm boy who decides to become a soldier.
Henry is very determined to become a hero, and the story tells Henrys voyage from being a young coward to becoming a brave man. This voyage is the classic trip from innocence to experience.

To begin, the story starts out with a huge debate between the soldiers. One boy had heard a rumor that the regiment would be moving on to fight a battle the next day.

Some of the soldiers agree with this boy. Others think that their regiment will never go
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Tom and Henry talk about how they are not going to run away from war, and how they want to become big time war heroes. This is weird because in the end of the book you will find that their wishes come true. When the battle starts, all the soldiers get very anxious and nervous. Tom and Henry don’t turn out to be as brave as they think that they could be. While hiding, Tom finds Henry, and gives him an envelope of letters for his family. Tom believes that this will be his first and his last battle.

Henry ends up fulfilling his worst nightmare. Instead of sticking out the battle with the rest of his regiment, he hides behind some brush in order to spare himself from getting shot.

He listens in on the battle, and to much of his surprise, he hears cheering from what’s left of his regiment. He then takes off into the woods in anger. While running through the woods his conscience begins to speak to him. He keeps telling himself that he is a coward and a deserter. Out of guilt, Henry runs back to the battle site, and meets again with his regiment. These actions showed Henry’s maturity and desire to be a war hero.

When Henry meets back up with his regiment an older man begins to have a discussion with him. The old man asks Henry “where yuh hit, ol’ boy?”. With massive feelings of guilt, Henry shrugs away from the man and runs back into the woods. From behind a tree, he can see all the wounded soldiers on the battle field. “At times he regarded

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