The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

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This boy is fascinated in the fact that he wants to join the Union in the Civil war. So one day, Henry decides to make the decision without his mother’s consent. “Ma, I’m going to enlist” (Crane 3). Even though his mother didn’t agree with it, “Henry, don’t be a fool” (Crane 3). He is so excited to get into camp and begin his trek through fighting like a real man. So his mom packs his rucksack and he begins his journey, into the Union Army, as a young soldier doing a man’s job. Henry arrives at camp with a huge excitement for the war, but that’s about to change. With pride in his heart, he arrives at the camp where he meets a soldier he calls the tall soldiers, but his real name is Jim Cocklin. One night, while on guard duty at the regiment’s camp, he begins conversing with the soldier from across the stream and he liked the soldier personally and the soldier liked henry. “Hey yank, yer a right dum good feller” (Crane 5). Henry and the soldier were sitting by a fire the next night and asked Jim told the other soldiers sitting by a fire that he overheard his superiors talking about them going into battle soon. So, Henry asks Jim if what he overheard was true. “Going to be a battle, sure, is there, Jim” (Crane 6). “Of course there is” (Crane 6). Henry was excited to hear that they might be going to war and experiencing his first battle. “Thunder!” said the youth (Crane…
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