The Red Brigades, An Italian Terrorist Organization With A Strong Emphasis On Marxism

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By the late 1960s, Italy had suffered through World War II. It had seen the Vietnam War unfold before them. Furthermore, it had experienced a dramatic urbanization from an agrarian society to an urban one. Such a shift precipitated the appeal for communism. Into this complicated political and socio-economic arena came the Red Brigades. The Red Brigades were an Italian terrorist organization with a strong emphasis on Marxism. Founded in 1969 by radical left-leaning students Renato Curcio and his wife Mara Cagol, the Red Brigades began a reign of terror that . In order to fully assess the impact of the Red Brigades in Italy, it is necessary to answer a central question: why were the Red Brigades so violent? The Red Brigades had ties to…show more content…
The actions of the Red Brigades clearly illustrate their objectives. The activities of the Red Brigades were, at first, not relatively violent, as essentially capitalism. However, as the years progressed to the early 1970s, and other institutions. They targeted such institutions because they saw manifested there. Capitalism as the target of the rage of the Red Brigades expressed itself in several ways, namely, the attacks on private property and against wealthy private owners. All of the attacks, of course, were made in the name of the workers of Italy; . The true reign of terror of the Red Brigades began in the mid-1970s, when they began murdering police inspectors investigating them, as well as torturing captives by means These murders and tortures are perhaps what best define the legacy of the Red Brigades. In all likelihood, the most infamous – and violent – testament to the brutality of the Red Brigades is the kidnapping and murder of Italian politician and former Prime Minister Aldo Moro. When the Brigades killed him, . On the day of his kidnapping – the 17th of March, 1978 – when he was confronted and leaving Moro in the hands of his captors. In the vein of their Marxist objectives, . The Prime Minister at the time – Giulio Andreotti – . The Red Brigades retaliated swiftly: . The violence of the Red Brigades continued for another decade, finally ending in

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