The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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That Sinking Feeling
Automobiles are such a significant part of our culture today and have been for the past century as a whole. From the big screen to the pages of a book they can play seemingly important roles that cannot be ignored. Often times these vehicles can assume almost human like characteristics which can cause you, the viewer/reader, to develop a relationship with these inanimate objects whether they are the new, beautiful and sleek sports car or the old, ratty and beat-up truck. In Louise Erdrich’s “The Red Convertible” there are many occurrences in which the state of repair that the Olds is in gives you the sense that it closely represents Lyman’s current feelings towards his brother and how these feelings change and evolve throughout the length of the story.
These representations of the car portraying Lyman’s feeling are obvious even from the beginning of the story. At the start of “The Red Convertible” Lyman and his brother have a good relationship and it is partially fueled by the purchase of a red Olds convertible. They start out on a long and crazy adventure which leads to them bonding more and more over the course of the summer. They had “made most of the trip, that summer, without putting the hood up on the car at all,” (Erdrich 395). This goes to show that Lyman’s relationship with Henry was strong and unbreakable. Like the car they may have had a few problems, but nothing that could not be fixed and keep them from moving on unlike the state of their…
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