The Red Convertible By Louise Erdrich

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The short story “The Red Convertible” was written by Louise Erdrich. Louise Erdrich was born in 1954 in Little Falls, Minnesota and was the oldest of seven children. Her mother, who was a Chippewa Indian, worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Her father, who was a German-American, was a teacher of Native American studies in a school that was run by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Growing up, Louise’s parents told her many stories of the Indian culture growing up. Her parents encouraged her to write her own stories and her father paid her a nickel for every story she wrote, and even made Louise covers for them. Louise continued to write throughout her childhood and then became one of the first women admitted to Dartmouth College in 1972. She majored in creative writing and English. She also took classes in Native American studies with the chair of the department, Michael Dorris, who she would marry in 1981. After Erdrich earned her masters degree in writing from Johns Hopkins, she collaborated with Dorris on poems and short stories that were inspired by their love for each other and Native American culture. They first published work together shortly after being married and were in need of money, but the quickly written works went on to be award-winning. The couple continued writing short fiction and published novels together. When the couple separated in 1995, Louise moved back to her hometown to focus her work on Native American themes and be with family. The short story
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