The Red Convertible

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Memorable moments last a lifetime within the heart and often encourage new memories to be made to be just as everlasting. Life often gives the individual an array of events followed by a variety of emotions and lasting event but it is not always as delightful as the ones that make a last impression. “The Red Convertible” is about the memorable moments that the Lamartine brothers share together based on their pride for their red convertible. The shared love for the red convertible inspired the lasting memories for the Lamartine brothers; However, precisely like life, the memories were sewn into the brother’s hearts and life continues. Henry Lamartine was drafted into the Vietnam War, while Lyman Lamartine stayed behind on the Indian reservation. The draft will forever change the brothers, and only the memories from the red convertible will be left behind. Louise Erdrich embraces an intimate relationship between the Lamartine brothers which is supported by the symbolism of a red convertible however, the connection changes as life takes its negative effect on the brothers when Henry is drafted to Vietnam. “The Red Convertible” demonstrates the cause and effect of past memories with present experiences, particularly the effect of war. The memories shared between the brothers before Henry’s draft begins with the purchase of a red convertible. Both of the brothers equally purchased the red convertible with their earned income. The red convertible personified the brother’s

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