The Red Cross And The Black Cross

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Clara Barton realized that the Red Cross could be useful to civilians as well. She started to convince people of the need for taking part in the Red Cross work. She helped establish the American branch of the Red Cross in 1880. Barton became the president, and held the post from 1892 to 1904. During that time she took charge of the relief work in the yellow fever epidemic in Florida in 1877 and in the floods at Johnston, Pa, in 1889. Barton protocols are still used today by the American Red Cross. These women were the founders of nursing and laid the foundation for the profession enjoyed by the nurses of today. They would be proud of the many choices women and men have today if they choose nursing as a profession…show more content…
The nurse then receives a license to practice His/her profession. She/he is now either a R.N, LPN, or CNA. There are to main groups of nurse’s professional nurse and practical nurse. Professional nurse, generally called register nurse are graduates of two year junior college programs, two-or three-year hospital programs, or four-year college program. Practical nurse completes a training program that usually last a period of 12 months. R.N. nurse may work in an operating room, where she plays an important role as a member of the surgical team. Elsewhere in the hospital, nurses administer prescribed mendacities and treatment to patients. R.N. also take charge of the patient’s routine care. The R.N. sees that their patient’s has his/her daily bath and that his/her eats proper foods. She also makes sure the patient does the exercise or treatment that will aid in his/her recovery. She keeps a watchful; eye on the patients and report to the doctor any change in his/her physical condition, mental attitude, or reaction to drugs or other treatments. The well-being of the patient is of the first importance to the R.N. she takes time to reassure a worried patient and tries to boost his/her morale. She is trained to recognize and understand her patient’s need and to provide emotional support as well as physical care. R.N. also work in private homes. Unlike the hospital setting, they are employed by the patient. They devote
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