The Red Dot Of The Green Dot On The Street Map

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After you have completed your part of the mission, call me and let me know, then head back to the hotel and call it a night.” Jim told him. “I will then leave the Tower and drive around a little, checking to see that the ReVoLT is working and making sure they don 't follow you.” Jim smiled. “Now I 'll know where these two clowns are!” Then, with a light slap on Sam 's back, Jim told him. “Okay partner, let 's Get 'er Done!”
The two agents then got into their cars. Sam turned on his Agent Tracking Software and saw the Green Dot on the street map that showed Jim 's car 's position as he drove out of the parking garage. Setting the program to display the ReVoLT as a Red Dot, Sam was ready to go. 'If only my wife could see me now. ' He thought to himself. 'She would be so proud of me. ' After he thought a bit more, he told himself, 'No. Actually she would be scared to death and try to talk me out of it! ' It 's a good thing she can 't see me now! '
“Sam?” His phone spoke.”
“I 'm here Jim!” He told his partner.
“I think I have a tail.”
“Already?” Sam said. “You 're only three blocks away?”
“I just turned.” Jim said. “You see me?”
“Yes.” Sam said. “I have a good signal on your phone.”
“The Mercedes is tailing me. Our two clowns have taken the bait. I 'll turn left here.” After a pause of about three seconds, Jim told Sam, “They have also made the turn and are following me!” Jim told Sam. “Charlie Mike, Over! Talk to you later.”
“Charlie Mike?” Sam asked. Is that their names.”

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