The Red-Headed Aborigine

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The Red-Headed Aborigine I was inspired by the poem Municipal Gum and decided to write a short story about modern day Aboriginals living in urban settings and how the lives of Aboriginal people have changed since the first fleet arrived 1788, bringing with it so many changes to the Aboriginal lifestyle and living. Sam and Arthur sat on a bench in the shadow of the trees and listened to the magpies whisper to each other as they danced between the feet of evening shoppers in Glensberg. No words were spoken between these men; they merely sat and absorbed the song of the magpie each interpreting the song in their own way. The men had come into Glensberg to find Arthurs's Uncle who, they were told, was assisting his wife with the shopping. The men hadn't seen him yet - but there was no rush. The magpie was singing, nothing else mattered at all at this moment; that, and the tiny, little girl with the ruby hair who was sitting with her father - both enchanted by the melodic singings of the birds. "She's an Abo," Sam said to Arthur. "Ow'd you know bout that?" "It’s easy seen." Arthur scratched his thigh. "Besides, that's her dad, you can tell." "Ow’d you know 'e's 'er dad?" Sam asked as he tweaked his scruffy old hat. "She just called him 'father'." "You got ears better th'n me." Sam grinned, and continued: "She's pretty." Sam nodded recognition to the man. "Uncle," he mumbled, respectfully. Arthur stood, hitched up his slipping trousers and retied the cord that made do for for a

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