The Red Line Essay

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The Red Line The short story ”The Red Line” written by Charles Higson’s in 1993, takes place in the centre of London. The story deals with three extremely different people who all happens to meet each other while riding the tubes of London, which takes a dramatic turn. Furthermore I will analyse and interpret the short story with special focus on narrative technique and the creation of suspense. In this short story we are introduced to an Italian man, named Berto. He used to live in Venice, where he met a girl who he believes to be his “girlfriend”, Cathy, who is English. They met in Venice where they had a “relationship”, but they spent most of their time in bed, partly because of Berto's lacking skill of speaking English.…show more content…
His biggest interest, apart from his own looks, is karaoke. Every Friday night he goes to a pub called, The Brunswick to sing like by Bob Seger, his big hero, on the karaoke machine. We are able to interpret that he is a perfectionist since he studies Bob Seger's music videos in order to execute the dance moves perfectly, and when dancing there on the stage whilst singing karaoke, he feels superior. In the short story we are led to believe that he is a racist. It seems extremely important for this man, to be as white and as clean as possible. A second sign of this could be when we hear his thoughts while he is looking at the Italian man, Berto. He thinks that Berto looks like a monkey with all his body hair, and black skin, “Who the fuck did he think he was, the greasy ape?... He was covered in hair, he had black stubble on his cheeks, thick curls crawled out of the top of his T-shirt, even his hands were hairy. It was disgusting.”(page The last main character in this short story is a girl, who is on her way home. While sitting in the train she seems to be very fragile and insecure. She belives that both of the other two men in the train, surely are there just to rape. She is actually so terrified that she decides to run of, at the next stop this only makes her situation worse because now she is all alone, probably surrounded by rapists, in the subway station. In this short story the narrative technique that is used, is very
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