The Red Shoes: Music Analysis

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Have you ever heard of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars? The Red Shoes by IU? Both of these songs sprout from a genre that everyone has heard of at least one time in some point of their lives: jazz. Jazz is a genre that started out in the early 20th century by communities of African Americans, which soon became the “pop music” of the time period. However, jazz has been declining in popularity as other genres (especially pop) started developing, and conservative efforts haven’t proved to be very effective. Jazz is a genre of art, influence, and variety, and actions need to be taken to preserve such a rich genre of music. First of all, the sound and art of jazz is distinctive, and has inspired many playing styles of artists and music to this day.…show more content…
Jazz, or aspects of jazz, is commonly combined with other genres to give a varied feel in songs. Some artists take this even further and reimagine songs in jazz. A perfect example is Gavin Harrison, a famous drummer based in the United Kingdom from the band Porcupine Tree. Five years ago, he and Laurence Cottle (a bassist and big band arranger) were inspired to recreate songs from his band Porcupine tree into jazz. The result of that was a well thought-out album with brilliant jazz influence, in hope to spread the love of jazz that Harrison himself claims to have. Many musicians like Gavin Harrison think jazz as a creative output of mainstream music, and inspire them to be more creative with their own songs. Jazz is a genre of music with rich history of art, sound, and influence. In order to save this art from becoming obsolete, we need to take as much conservative measures as we can. Simply taking interest in jazz and promoting is all it will take; there are plenty of jazz artists out there who are prepared to revive the art of jazz. After all, this genre is what led us to listen to all of our favorite bands and musicians. Next time you listen to your favorite pop group or anyone alike, please take a moment to think. Should a bit of respect be shown for what created my
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