The Red Swan Analysis

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The Red Swan is a mythical American Indian story that contains several meanings and messages that lie within it. There is no wrong or right answer about how you choose to view and apply each meaning. This story has been around for so long that over time parts of this story has been changed and modified by other people. In the beginning of the story it explains how the mother and father were no longer present in their children’s lives so they had to live on their own. This means that at any given time circumstances can intrude in one’s life which can lead them to facing the real world and learning how to survive without any prior knowledge; However, as one lives life they start to teach themselves and learn how to live through the guidance of other individuals or observations. For example, in the article the animals are given human characteristics when “ The squirrels dropped nuts at their doorway, and a great brown bear kept guard over them at night” (Compton). Since the three boys were ignorant of not knowing how to care or obtain food for themselves the animals took charge. Once they had grown older they learned how to find and hunt for their own food…show more content…
The moment the boy did this “His eyes troubled him and he rubbed them with his bloody hands, when looking up, everything appeared red” (Compton). The boy started to see everything as red because it was probably a form of punishment, since he had agreed not to kill and still managed to go against the promise the boys made among each other. With this evidence it is to be concluded that the swan is given the name “The Red Swan” because his disobedience was stained upon her when he struck her neck with the arrow. The boy’s intentions was to kill her. It is to be inferred that the swan could have been a different color before this had
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