The Red Tide: A Theoretical Journal

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Prologue Spectre “Another successful mission, aye, Mercury?” said Spectre knowing full well that the mission they just completed would be Mercury’s last one. “Like we’ve ever failed?” the arrogant swagger in Mercury’s walk and voice never failed to annoy Spectre, oh how happy I’ll be when you’re finally dead, Spectre thought to himself. As the two teenage soldiers walked back to the barracks, Spectre kept going over the plan in his head, as soon as he takes off his armor, I’ll slit his throat, or perhaps drive a sword through his heart. Spectre knew he could not fail, for these orders were straight from Lion himself. “Hear any news about the rebels?” Mercury’s voice snapped Spectre back to reality, almost startling him. “No, I haven’t” Spectre said nervously, anxious about the murder he would…show more content…
They had both just arrived back at the capital after being sent away on Wraith’s orders to put down a small uprising in a nearby city. These have been happening more and more recently since the appearance of The Red Tide, a resistance group in the eyes of some, a terrorist group in the eyes of others. Luckily they could end the uprising with no casualties. There was a fear of people like Spectre and Mercury, they could do things… inhuman. Some believe them to be demons, others believe
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