The Red Zuma Project

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Working on the inference that all of the precedence relationships in the project have a default finish to start arrangement, the Red Zuma project is estimated to last 260 days. The aforementioned schedule and duration have also been based on the assumption that there is a one day lag between the project’s tasks, with the exception of task 1.15. Task 1.15 has a finish to start lag of 20 days and 30 days with its predecessors respectively, so this lag played a role in regulating the completion date of the project. Consequently, the project is expected to end on 11 January 2016, after making allowances for holidays and the other non-working days which have been stipulate in the instructions. What is the critical path of the project? The…show more content…
For example, Microsoft invented tablet computers in the early 2000s, without assessing if the market was ready for them so the product was a mass failure. However, when Apple made a replica of the same product in 2010 when the world had become more digital, its version was a great success. Consequently, market analysis is the foundation of the success or feasibility of the Red Zuma Project. Alternatively, testing the prototype is important because it points out various performance and quality issues. Whereas lab testing would be quick and cost efficient, it would only reveal surface results. On the other hand, field testing exposes the product to an environment similar to the one in which it will be used, so the results are more accurate. Field testing is therefore very important because it cushions the manufacturer (ARC) from being exposed to the financial and public relations repercussions of having to recall faulty products. Figure 1: Red Zuma Gantt chart Figure 2: Red Zuma network diagram Table 2: Schedule table reporting the ES, EF, LS, LF, and slack for each activity Task Name Duration Start Finish Predecessors Early Start Early Finish Late Start Late Finish Total Slack Red Zuma project 260 days 02-01-15 11-01-16 02-01-15 11-01-16 02-01-15 11-01-16 0 days Market analysis 25 days 02-01-15 09-02-15 02-01-15 09-02-15 02-01-15 09-02-15 0 days Product design 30 days 09-02-15 23-03-15 2 09-02-15 23-03-15

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