The Redeeming Qualities of South Park Essay

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The television show South Park is a very controversial show which has been attacked by the media, politicians, parents, the school system, and just about every other social group imaginable. Why is the show so controversial? The reason it is attacked so thoroughly is because of its crude humor and vulgar displays by its characters, as well as the fact that it attacks the thoughts and beliefs of every religion in the world. This vulgarity and intolerance is most notable in the character Cartman, who is extremely offensive in his thoughts, ideas, and actions. The show does, however, provide a balance to Cartman’s antics through his co-stars Stan and Kyle. Stan, and Kyle almost always stand up to Cartman and ridicule his intolerance,…show more content…
Censorship has been around as long as written words have been available to the general public, and whether or not that suppression of ideas is a good idea or not does not change the fact that it is the parent’s job to decide what their children will be allowed to read, watch, or play with. Those who criticize the show based on these offenses are either being intolerant themselves, or not paying close attention to the deeper meaning of the show. The show centers around Cartman as the antagonist, who regularly provides insulting views, and Stan and Kyle, whom provide opposing views in order to balance out Cartman’s stances. An example of this occurs in the episode “Something This Way Wall Mart Comes.” Wal-Mart’s overtaking of towns, and the social injustice that occurs with its arrival, is portrayed as a local small business that they boys shop at is closed because of the loss of business that occurs when Wal-Mart comes to their town. After reflecting on their friend’s plight Stan says “See, that sucks dude” and Cartman replies “What, that’s called progress Kyle” (Parker and Stone, 2004). This is just one example where Cartman shows his selfish nature. All he cares about is the fact that a huge new store is open and he can get his mother to buy him all the best new toys, while Stan and

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