The Rediscovery And Emergence Of Humanism

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ori Horton
The Rediscovery and Emergence of Humanism
The transition from medieval times to the Renaissance can be seen through the change in art across the western world. Many aspects of art changed between these time periods including the introduction of humanism as well as the new idea of perspective. These are only a few elements that changed art between the Medieval and Renaissance eras. By using perspective many artist were able to make depth apparent by changing sizes of objects in the fore, as well as the background. Humanism allows the idea of humans being higher than the divine. With artists being able to use new artistic aspects, such as humanism and the idea of rebirth, they are able to change the views and ideas of art during the Italian and Northern Renaissance.
Humanism was first brought to the Renaissance by a small group of elites consisting of artists, scholars, and many other trade group members (Johnson p.5). This new idea that humans were more important than the divine was not something that was instantly accepted. Up until this time period of the Italian and Northern Renaissance it was always believed that the divine trumped humans in everyway. This idea of humans being more important, although not widely accepted, changed art as a whole. One example of an artist who used this idea of humanism was Raphael in “The Alba Madonna” of 1511. He used perspective to take the importance and beauty and point the viewer back to the cross and baby Jesus. In many
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