The Redistricting Game Essay

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Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution states that, “Representatives…shall be apportioned among several states...according to their respective Numbers.” Apportionment is the mathematical process of dividing and allocating the four hundred and thirty five seats in the House of Representatives among the fifty states based on the population figures collected by the Census Bureau. This process, according to the Constitution, must be conducted “within every subsequent Term of ten Years.” Each of the fifty states is guaranteed one representative. The number of House of Representatives from each state fluctuates every ten years due to population deviation. Redistricting is the legislative political process of redrawing the…show more content…
The State of Jefferson’s population is overwhelmingly Democratic therefore; I switched to terrain map since party map was inappurtenant to accomplishing my mission. In order for me to successfully achieve geographic contiguity and ensure that the State Courts accepted my plan, I strove to keep the entire natural features intact and confined within particular districts. I commenced by extending District 2 border northwards to cover the entire green vegetation region that previously pertained to District 1. I then moved District 3 border westwards along the river towards District 2. Finally, I dragged District 4 border to the other side of the mountain peak at the center of the map and then perpendicularly downwards along the two different grasslands. At the end, each district had roughly the same number of constituents ranging between 645,996 and 643,867. Every Democratic Representative endorsed my plan and state legislature passed it. The governor signed the plan. At the court, two plaintiffs challenged my plan; Vicki Populi, who challenged my plan on the ground of being partisan influenced, was dismissed, and Sofie Rejette, who challenged my plan on the ground of not meeting compactness laws, was also dismissed. With the help of my plan, Democrats retained control of congressional seats. The mission for Mission Three, bipartisan gerrymander, was to redraw the districts in the State of Adam so as to give each
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