The Reduction Of Taxes May Be A Good Thing Essay

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When given the option to merge three municipalities, people, living within these towns, would seem hesitant to choose to support the merging because of a lack of support showing that this a good thing. The lack of research done on the effects of merging of three towns, shows that nobody really know what will happen if the consolidation was passed. The three towns of Round Lake Beach, and Round Lake Park would merge into one Round Lake area, as well as, all the business and public services that each town offers would merge into one. The people in support of this merger suggest that merging these three town will save the townspeople money by reducing taxes the people pay.There is a lack of evidence to show how much money merging the three towns would save. The reduction of taxes may be a good thing but it affects more than just the local businesses, local governments, it has effects over the schools and their teachers, police departments, hospitals, and fire departments. People might be for the consolidation because it would save them some money on their taxes. Many retired local government officials believe that taxpayers are not saving money because they are paying for three separate governments and each town has to pay for its own police. Others might see it as a good thing because the town one might live in could improve with the extra money that all the businesses would bring into the merged town, as well as, “[they] wouldn’t have to compete against other Round Lake
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