The Reflection Of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Minela Sljoka Casperson 5 AP English 3 28 January 2015 The Reflection of Fitzgerald’s Life in The Great Gatsby The Great Gatsby echoes with experiences of Francis Scott Fitzgerald through relationships and descriptions among the characters, the depiction of the era, as well as the juxtaposition between the multiple “worlds” within the novel. Fitzgerald lived in the time after WWI where the novel takes place; American life had major changes, the people started to become more materialistic, women obtained the right to vote, parties became a typical routine, but most importantly the desire for the American Dream was in full swing. In the Roaring 20’s, people wanted to obtain money by any means assuming it would bring them inconsiderable amount of joy. Fitzgerald portrays this time period through character traits and symbols, to exhibit the impossibility of the American Dream. After the WW1 the American people got a different prospective from American dream opposed their traditional lifestyle and behavior. Firstly, people become more concerned with themselves rather than anyone else, which is evident in the behavior and relationships between Daisy and Tom, they would cause multiple problems among others and simply return back to their finances if all else fails. Fitzgerald portrays Gatsby with his own inept social ambition as a dream achiever, with Daisy as his dream. He grew up dreaming about becoming rich and changing how the world viewed him, in turn he left his family and
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