The Reflection Of Health And Wellness In A Person

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Health and wellness are defined differently by every individual. My clients had their own perception of their health and wellness. For confidentiality purposes, I will not state my clients name during the paper and only use the word “client” or “she” when referring to them. The importance of this interview was to establish a helping relationship with a client to assess their health in a holistic perspective. Throughout the paper I will discuss four phases; pre-interaction, introductory, working, and termination phase, as well as reflect, about my communication skills towards the client, at the end. Pre-interaction Phase Communication between the nurse and client is important. This helps to make sure there are no misunderstandings and helps to build rapport. Communication is a two-way stream and helps the nurse make correct diagnoses (Kozier, B. 2018, Chapter 14). It is important to understand what your personal values, assumptions, and feelings are towards certain topics that may be controversial in order to ensure the best client care possible. Before the initial interaction with my client, planning, how to ask the questions I was given for in-depth answers is important. It is also important to pick a central location for both the client and myself that would allow for her to be comfortable. We choose to meet at a local Starbucks which would allow for a sense of comfortable and inviting environment. Knowing the basics of the clients (age, name, and gender) allowed me to
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