The Reflection Of Ivy As A Writer

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Reflection of Ivy as a Writer
As a writer, I develop more every time I step foot into the classroom. Over the years of learning how to write, I was not always confident. In fact, as of this current year of 2015 I am the most confident as a writer than I have ever been. This year I began college, where I am taking English 1101 with Professor Ricky Weaver. I have learned many different writing strategies in this class, ways to brainstorm, grammar rules, tips to avoid writers block, and so much more. Although I will continue to develop, I am proud of myself for reaching contentment in my writing ability.
When I entered English 1101, I was such an amateur writer. I had become so accustomed to high school writing assignments, which are nowhere near as complex as college writing assignments. There was never any large standards for any writing task. “Write a paper and discuss how you feel about global warming, 2 pages long”, This is just an example of how simple a writing prompt in high school would be, no real direction. English 1101introduced me to more complicated instructions such as including a specific format, cited sources, using different research methods, and even extended lengths of essays. Before English 1101 I was not able to formulate thorough ideas for my papers. I did a good job at over-thinking and stressing myself out while attempting to write. Organizing papers, however, has always come easily to me. Regularly, I have been able to organize a paper accordingly
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