The Reflection Of My Emotions

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The introduction to The Reflection of My Emotions. In this collection you will see the real me from outside to inside. you will get to experience the dark and light side of me and my emotions. With all hopes you will learn about my views on humanity and human emotion, in the way that I want you to. Please understand that this is written in the mindset on a teenager who has been taught at a young age that their value in society in the same as dirt or a doormat. Love and Hate People say in order for someone to truly love you , you have to love yourself. If that is true then no one will ever truly love me for me, because I hate myself. I don’t hate myself enough to hurt myself, but I hate myself enough to only wish for the…show more content…
No one can see the number of times i’ve thought of putting a gun to my head and ending it all, No one can see the number of times i’ve thought about grabbing a knife and slitting my wrist or throat, No one can see the number of times i’ve wondered would anyone miss me or the number of times i’ve thought about swallowing a bunch of pills just to see what would happen. So, For once I mean this when I say i’m fine …. for now. I’ m Fine I hate when people keep asking if i’m fine, Because i’m not and the more you ask the less fine i am. Stop pretending you care and let me be, let me sit in silence while I pretend to be fine. I hate that you attempt to trick me into thinking you care , stop when I say the words “ I’m fine “ . Stop when you see me start to struggle, nothing is going to happen to me, i’ll be alright …. “ I’m fine “ The Underground Story Here’s the underground story that was told long ago, If you don’t know it now then I think you should go, And if you do then alright here we go. There was a boy and a girl that fell in love. There love was forbidden and sorrowful, to the point that it was almost pitiful. They did everything they could and went against everything that they could. But, that was almost not enough. Then the story ends and their love is remembered forever. Love And Happiness Love and happiness tend to go hand and hand. Because to be in love there must be some happiness and to be happy there must be some love.
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