The Reflection Of Pediatric Nursing

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Pediatric Urgent Care Nursing Nursing care is studied throughout the world. The study Caring in Pediatric Emergency Nursing was performed by Gordon Gillesipe, Melanie Hounchell, Jeanne Pettinichi, Jennifer Mattei, and Lindsey Rose in order to see what patients and their families valued most and least when it came to nursing care(Gillesipe, Hounchell, Pettinichi, Mattei, & Rose 2012). The researchers used the quantitative approach to study 300 participants (Gillesipe et al. 2012). Some questions the researchers focused on were how reliable and valid the instruments used during the study were, such as the caring behavior assessment (Gillesipe et al. 2012)? Also, what nurse caring behavior do the parents of the pediatric emergency patients value the most (Gillesipe et al. 2012)? In order for the care to not just be patient centered but family centered, the nurse needs to take into consideration what type of care the family values and expects (Frazee 2011). Nurses need to connect and include both the patient and their family in the whole process, no matter what age (Weman & Fagerberg 2006; Wilkin & Slevin 2004). A qualitative study done in 2004 found that parents deemed affection, caring, watching, and protecting their children most important (Harbaugh, Tomlinson, and Kirschbaum 2004). Parents wanted the nurses to recreate a parent-like feel for their child (Harbaugh, et al. 2004). Some other nurse caring behaviors that were deemed important by the parents were providing
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