The Reflection Of Personal Writing And The Process Of Writing

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The process of writing differs between writers, which can influence writing style— as I have experienced first hand. At first writing poetry was an obstacle for me because I haven’t done it since high school, so to refresh my mind I’ve made numerous Google searches, usually about how to write poetry or at least how to make it stand out and not become cliche— especially if we’re doing a particular type of poetry, such as the metaphors and similes unit. On a piece of paper I’ll usually write a basic outline stating my theme and the format of the poem, with ideas written everywhere, even if they’re just key words I want to somehow incorporate. Opening Pages on my Mac I begin writing a rough draft and piece together the words and phrases I wrote on the piece of paper until it satisfies me for the time being. I tend to take breaks in between, otherwise I get lost in my thoughts and lose focus of what I’m writing about, so after an hour or two of doing homework, for another class, or talking to friends I’ll go back and reread what I initially wrote. Something I found that really helps me focus on editing is printing out my first draft and physically editing the poem I wrote, as if I’m rereading someone else’s work. By doing this I’ll find either grammar mistakes or fix up what I think needs tidying, without being too biased. To finish off I’ll make my edits on the Pages document and get a few of my friends, who aren’t in our Creative Writing class, to read over what I’ve written
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