The Reflection Of Service Learning

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Service Learning is an educational strategy set in place to enlighten students with instruction and experience, in addition to improve learning , teach responsibility, and support the community. Service learning is vital to the development of the student, given that it intertwines academic and personal development together. It is aimed to enhance a student’s learning in all aspects of life. The critical difference of service learning and the traditional learning style is that students are learning and addressing real needs in the community. Which connect students to the community through meaningful interactions with others, safety, and educational needs. This specific course includes readings, discussions, and activities to support…show more content…
During the duration of my participation, I worked mainly with intermediate/ advanced students. The class was divided into beginners and intermediate/ advanced students. Beginner students usually needed a lot of one on one with completely assignments. While on the other hand, intermediate/ advanced students did not need as much one on one since, they used computers to improve pronunciation and understanding of words/ phrases. I would double-check assignments, explain directions, and take part in discussions. Although on a few occasions I would find myself not being able to understand a student’s accent or simply did not know the answer, I would direct them to Mrs. Hughes who they often refer to as teacher. A typical day consisted of, casual conversations between students, Mrs. Hughes, and myself while we wait for more students to arrive. The older female students often got side-tracked talking to one another and on their cell phones. I noticed the majority of the students who come to class are the intermediate/ advanced students, only two beginner students came throughout the entirety of my service. At most, only seven intermediate/ advanced students came to class. Yet, there were two constant students in attendance, Rose (intermediate) and Vicente (advanced). I consider both Rose and Vicente the most driven students in the program, their attendance and participation in class speaks for

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