The Reflection Of The Steps In My Writing Process

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My writing process has many steps such as motivation, incubation, planning, mind blocks, and ways to improving. My first motivation starts the whole process in knowing that I can get something out of the assignment. Next taking that motivation to actually sit down and take time on the paper I go into incubation. Having the same process of incubation as Donald Murray in “Decisions and Revisions: The Planning Strategies of a Publishing Writer, and Response of a Laboratory Rat: Or, Being Protocoled” gives me a better insight on how I actually come up with ideas out of doing activities not related to the topic. In incubation my planning unfolds and this is where I get the structure of my paper. Thinking too much into the format of the paper gets me into two main mental blocks, structure and editing. Overall using the different studies in chapter five of “Writing About Writing” by Elizabeth Wardle and Doug downs, I am able to fix the mental blocks and find new ways in improving my writing process.
When starting a paper I always ask myself, what is the motive to writing this? What am I going to get out of doing this? Nearly always I have the thought of just getting this assignment done and moving on with life. I never take a step back and actually realize what could be beneficial to the writing assignment. My writing process first begins with the motivation to do so. Thinking about the different things to take from the assignment gives me the motivation to do it. Also, knowing the
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