The Reflection Of Writing In The Sales Of Richard Rodriguez '

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Activity 1A
As the story so often goes, I was once required to write, and thus I have been writing (largely under mandate) ever since. Although a Grandmother, who I in my childhood stayed with weekly, spoke chiefly in Spanish, I never learned enough of the language to ever properly forget it. This is a decision I’ve come to deeply regret in light of the book sales of Richard Rodriguez. My writing in adolescence was characterized by its being profoundly uninteresting. The highlight was a highly directed poem concerning the creation of chocolate bars, only a poem in the sense that jury duty is a form legal activism. To be resentful of the nature this sort of writing exercise however would be narcissistic to the point of supposing a person who’s sentience spans only two presidential terms would has had anything unique to say about chocolate bars, allowed the proper poetic license. I came to much prefer reading over writing, as somebody had something to gain in that exchange. As it turns out, writing assignments persisted unabated by the logic of this argument. Eventually becoming dissatisfied with the quantity of anachronisms in English, I would later go on to study the Japanese language over 4 semesters. The highlight of this section of writing was a 12 sentence narrative about a thief boy, written by an American college student at the level of a Japanese elementary school student.
Activity 2A
The textbook, as it is so wont, seems to be prescribing to me a tragic literary

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