The Reflection On The Seven Student Learning Outcomes

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There are various levels of reflection that I apply while in school. For example, while a student I gained knowledge on physical assessments. I can reflect on how the fundamental rules of clinical assessment and apply those fundamental strategies I learned to complete an assessment in another setting and actually perform assessments on patients in my clinical rotation. Reflection is a useful development tool, which helps the learners to not only critically and actively review and associate learning with practice, but also helps the learner to grow intellectually (Boud, Keogh & Walker, 2013). This paper will provide reflection on the seven student learning outcomes that I plan to complete by graduation. Demonstrate Competency in Knowledge of Nursing and Clinical Skills Necessary to Provide Safe, Competent Nursing Care Acquiring competency in nursing and clinical skills is important in providing safe and skilled nursing care. As a nurse, I want my patient to feel safe and see that I am well prepared and can provide proficient and competent care. Patients always evaluate their stay and organizations sometimes earn a bad reputation when the patient doubts the safety of the environment. Healthcare facilities are denied remuneration by insurance companies if a patient is readmitted to the facility within 30 days of being discharged. As a result, provision of quality care services is of importance to the healthcare professionals as it is to the patients. The goal is to keep
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