The Reform Movement of Progressivism

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During this time period, certain aspects of American life were in need of drastic change, so progressives led the charge towards reforming American society and politics. Among these aspects, social and political conditions were some of the most heavily reformed, involving women’s rights, and corruption. At the turn of the 20th century, appliances became more common in American households, reducing the amount of housework for women. Because of this women became more prominent in the workforce, and they began to take a more active role in politics. As they began to take an active role, they became some of the progressives who fought so hard for reforms on the political and social fronts. For example, Jane Addams founded the Hull House in Chicago, located in one of the poor neighborhoods. It was used as an information center for immigrants, so immigrants could learn English and be able to go out and get a job to support their families, and the House was also used by poor Americans as a multi-faceted enterprise. It had a music school for kids and adults, a school for kids to learn how to sew and other odd-jobs, a trades union for young women to help them find good, steady jobs, and a coffeehouse to serve meals to the homeless and poor. Other progressives, such as Carry…
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