The Reform Of A Crusade For Reform

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With the turn of the century came a crusade for reform. This municipal movement shifted from America’s second manifest destiny and came to be known as the progressive era. Decades prior, Americans settled the final part of coastal America and living accommodations finally increased nationwide. Americans turned to the political parties to legitimize every impulse and vision to improve life. However, the developing trusts and corporations purged the parties’ autonomy and hindered domestic trade growth. In doing so, the trusts and corporations established a codependence and direct association to United States Congress. Here the trusts blocked a citizens input on Senate and House and depraved these Americans of an advantageous government. Americans desired to restore the government they once knew and turned to their political parties for assistance. Within these parties came leaders garnered and pronounced with the power imparted upon them by the countrymen they sought to serve. Of these leaders came Woodrow Wilson, the former President of Princeton University and a man held back by his upbringing in the south. During his campaign to the White House, Wilson primarily ran on the platform of restricting the control that businesses held on the government. Upon induction as the 28th president of the United States Woodrow Wilson demonstrated his increasing command through achieving his campaign goal and restoring the public 's control over the domestic trade markets. Having achieved
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