The Reform Of Higher Education

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May your college memories last as long as your student debt! This is what a friend recently said to his co-worker, as she recounted that she was very close to completing a key chapter in her college journey. At the time, they laughed at the joke and absentmindedly continued their daily routines without truly giving that joke any second thought. Now that they think back to it, they realize the sad reality that situation truly encompassed. We have become so conditioned, as a society, to student debt, that we don’t truly see any other alternatives as possibilities. We have come to see and understand it as a necessary part of any education, never questioning its true impact or its legitimacy. We have become blind and gullible in our ways, never wondering or questioning what has been handed down to us, what we think is a necessary and worthy sacrifice to accomplish our educational dreams. The question is, is it really? Truth be told, higher education costs are in direct need of a radical reform. This reform is necessary to better the economy of our country, decrease the long-term psychological and physical repercussions the millennial population faces, and to improve the quality of our future workforce. We have always been taught as a nation that a college education is key in the pathway towards success, the debt connected with it, however, may present a substantial barrier towards victory. In the last few years, student debt has increased at an unprecedented pace. According
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