The Reform Of The United States

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The most urgent reform to be implemented is to have more women hold management positions, and train current employees to be understanding of cultural transformations within the company. We should increase the ethnic group, specifically African American and Hispanic, by educating Facebook 's Human Resources Department. Currently there are only 1 percent African Americans and 4 percent Hispanic that are working for Facebook. It is critical that more minority groups are hired, because bringing in individuals from different backgrounds and experiences could potentially make a business more effective. This will benefit Facebook, because Facebook will be meeting all of their consumers ' needs by having employees that come from different ethnic and racial backgrounds. However, the predominated race that is holding a management position is white, therefore Facebook will not be able to fulfill the needs of their consumers if this remains the same. Facebook should transition their culture by training their current employees to accept and understand the different beliefs of each individual. The company should invest in educating their current employees to motivate and prepare their subordinates on strategies on how to take management positions. This could nourish communication between employees and will also aid the company to be a whole more knowledgeable within their own department, which will increase efficiency.
I believe Facebook should hire their employees based off how diverse
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