The Reformation And Its Impact On Society

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During the period from 1450 to 1648 Europe underwent a lot of changes. Starting with the Renaissance, which brought in sources from Ancient Greece and Rome that were previously unknown to Europeans. These sources led to a need for means of education like universities because people wanted to read the classics. The Renaissance changed Europe from focusing on religion to embracing the cultures of previous civilizations and striving for human excellence. Humanism alone could be enough to jumpstart the scientific revolution. The fact that people wanted to be acknowledged for their achievements led the “natural philosophers” of that time to strive for greatness. Another instigator of the changing world-view was the Reformation, which introduced a period of questioning for people in Europe. Europeans realized that they did not just have to except everything that was taught to them. They could challenge any previous teachings that they disagreed with. People began to question not only their religion but also all of the scientific facts they had learned during the Middle Ages. In addition, the Reconquista in Spain, when the Spanish finally took back their land from the Muslims, granted Europe access to Arabic sources. The Arabs were one of the most advanced civilizations for their times with many achievements in all branches of science. After all of this new access to different sources besides Aristotle, scientists were finally able to make new discoveries and spread their ideas.
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