The Reformation Of Public Education

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Introduction: With the corporatization of the university, the values of education have progressively shifted over the course of time and Millennial students have adopted a more consumeristic mindset which causes problems (Jill A. Singleton-Jackson et al., 2010). This phenomenon is coherent with the prominent education system that has adapted to serve the needs of the 21st century learners. Scholars address the reformation of public education as an issue in modern society because the focus has moved from a hunger of knowledge to feed one’s curiosity, to merely gaining knowledge to take a place within the economy (Robinson, 2006). Consumeristic behavior in students is found increasingly amongst the millennial generation prompted by online…show more content…
Corporate universities play a major role in producing masses of apathetic and lethargic students caught in oppressive social, political, and economical systems. Corporatization of universities has made education into a market with universities obsessing over their rankings with ceaseless advertising and promotion; therefore, students in return appropriately respond as customers rather than scholars (Singleton-Jackson, 2010). This business model leads the arts and humanities funding to suffer or dissipate completely. SUNY Albany and the University of Pittsburgh both threatened to terminate programs related to language, theater, classics, and religion; in addition, the University of Alberta suspended admission to 20 humanities programs (Hunter and Mohamed 2013). The University of British Columbia, have made huge increases in tuition to help fund more advertising and to implement more accessories, offering packaged deals with housing, meal plans, and recreation, to cater to consumers denying lower income students an opportunity on education. UBC has conformed to the corporatization of the university and is clearly displayed by the massive buildings named under corporate and private sponsor such as the Chan Center and Henry Angus buildings. Students have become victim to the education system
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