The Reformation Of The 16th Century

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One of the most significant religious revolution of the 16th century was the Reformation. Martin Luther protested the doctrine of the church such as – indulgence could help ordinary people pay for their sins and that church was the only way to attain salvation. On the other hand Luther believed that faith alone leads to salvation and it can 't be won or bought. He criticized the administration of the church for luring people in buying relics saying it represented god or sending them to pilgrimage to make revenues. Hence, in 1517 Luther published the “95 Theses” which intended to reform the church policy and came to known as the Protestant Reformation Soon, Luther 's “95Theses” became very popular and most sought after among the common people in German. The protestant reformation caused several other religious order- such as Zwinglianism, Calvinism, Anglicanism, Ana-baptism to form based on their interpretation. However, Calvinism became more popular because of its clarity of doctrine on predestination and baptism. The Protestant movement caused religious unrest among people and led Catholic Church to come up with Counter-Reformation which focused on rebuilding Catholics influence by reducing corruption and some changes in their policy(The council of Trent, Jesuits). The Reformation resulted in many religious wars and persecutions, not only within Catholics and protestants but also minority region such as Jews and Muslims were viewed as heretics and faced
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