The Reformation Of The England

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Spain and France dominated when it came to owning land and the riches. England was suffering internally as a country. England longed for the riches and power that Spain and France had. England found a way to become number one in the hierarchy of the countries and began voyages in search of new land. Once England came upon the new land, they realized useful resources such as lumber, spices and other goods were in abundance. Settlements began to surface, creating several colonies that were categorized as northern, middle, and southern colonies. The colonies were established so England to receive goods, money, power, as well as religious freedom in which led to groups such as the Puritans and Pilgrims. Life of a Puritan
The Puritans were split into two groups, one remained titled as the Puritans and the other became known as Pilgrims. The Puritans leaned towards the Protestant ways of the Anglican Church. As stated by Schweikart & Allen (2014), the Puritans felt that they had a “moral duty to purify the church from the inside” (p. 29). It was made clear that the Puritans wanted to purify the church and to do so they removed the vestments, ceremony, and other trappings because it was thought of as holdovers from the Roman Catholic Church as stated in the online article Settling for Determinism Overview (2015). The Puritans were strongly convinced that only church members help govern the colony and keep things intact. It was extremely significant to the Puritans that everyone
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