The Refugee And Asylum Seekers

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I have chosen the topic about the refugee and asylum seekers health issues as refugee health considering one of the important health problems in Australian. The review will focus some issues on refugee health base on the relevant and substantial literature. Literature review tried explore about
-How the refugee and asylum seekers are define
-their current situations in Australia
- Why their health is need to be consider as important issues
-how they have been involve with Australian mainstream health
- Entitlement of Medicare card and other health facilities
- are they facing any problems to access to get health facilities

Refugee health is a contemporary health phenomenon in Australian public health. Numbers of refugee and asylum seekers are increasing in Australia over the years. Recent data show that in 2012-13 approximately 26,432 applied for the refugee protections, whereas in the year of 2004 only 9221 people applied for the protection. (Refugee council Australia, 2014)
A literature review conducted using Pub-med database, La Trobe University library resources and collected data from the refugee health related web sites on the rights and access of the health system for the refugee. I used content analysis for analyzing my data. Qualitative interpretation is taking place to analyzing and synthesis the data.
Who are refugee and Asylum seekers?
Who is refugee?
The most commonly accepted definition of a ‘refugee’ is set out in the United Nations 1951…
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