The Refugee Crisis Is The Biggest Effect Of The Syrian Civil War

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The refugee crisis in Syria is the biggest effect of the Syrian civil war. The war was caused by internal conflicts in Syria and neighboring countries and has had many negative effects on Syrians, neighboring countries, and the world beyond. As many Syrians migrate to Germany to escape the horrors of the war, they cause problems. The refugee crisis is overwhelming the political and economic balance in Germany, causing conflicts between the German government and people, and the Syrian migrants. The original cause of the Syrian civil war was the want for a democratic republic in Syria. Syrians also want their ruler, Bashar Al-Assad, to issue free election and equality reforms. The Kurds living in Syria want equal rights to others in Syria, as they currently have fewer rights than any other group in Syria. The Kurdish people are an ethnic group in the Middle East, spanning parts of Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria; but they have never obtained a permanent homeland. The war was originally a series of peaceful protests, but Assad had the army fire on the protesters in an attempt to keep them in submission. This act led to armed rebel attacks on the government, and the war officially began. The religious conflict is another important part of the war. Iranian Shiite fighters are fighting the rebels, who are mainly Sunnis. Shiites are the second-largest branch of Islam, accounting for 10-15% of Muslims. They believe that Ali is the rightful successor to Mohammad, while

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