The Refugee Crisis

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Syrian Refugee Crisis The video “Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe, Syria, and around the World,” was published on September 8th, 2015 on to YouTube by John Green. John Green is one half of the international phenomenon known as Vlog Brothers. They started on January 1st, 2007, as two brothers sending each other a video blog about their week every Tuesday, and has since gained 2,665,330 followers. John Green is also an award winning author of several best selling novels, which have since been made into movies, such as Paper Towns, and The Fault in our Stars. John Green is well known in many circles and is someone you could consider a person of affluence and fame. His video set ups are professional and many of his other videos are done in a studio, with the exceptions of the Vlog Brothers. While we know he has professional video cameras and professional lighting, it is essentially just John Green sitting there and telling us his feelings. His main audience for the Vlog Brothers channels has been nicknamed by the brothers as Nerdfighters. Nerdfighters are a group of people, mainly young adults, who agree with John and Hank Green in their ideals about the world and support their career. The brothers know their audience very well and cater their John and his brother Hank use much of their fame to make the world a better place. They have several different video series on thirty two different channels that they use to educate the public and give their

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