The Regan Doctrine

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Running head: The Regan Doctrine The Regan Doctrine Lisa Stewart POL 300 – International Problems Dr. John R. Cronin Strayer University The Regan Doctrine President Regan was born on February 6, 1911 in Tampico, Illinois. In a family of 3 boys he was the youngest. His father was a traveling shoe salesman. Reagan's mother taught Reagan how to read at an early age. Most of Reagan's childhood was spent in Dixon, Illinois. Reagan attended and graduated from Eureka College a small religious school around Peoria, Illinois. He majored in economics, was president of the student body, played on the football team and captain of the swimming team. He also looked toward acting, but when he graduated the only available thing…show more content…
Support for freedom fighters is self-defense." (President Reagan, 1985) On February 6, 1985 the Reagan Doctrine was announced to the world. Reagan declared that we needed to stand by our democratic allies and not break faith with those who are risking their lives to defy Soviet-supported aggression. Reagan’s foreign policy was based upon John Foster Dulles’s “roll-back” strategy. The United States worked actively to push back the influence of the Soviet Union in the developing world. One example of the Reagan Doctrine's application was in Nicaragua. At the time Nicaragua was ruled by a military government that had been established by the Sandinista revolutionaries after overthrowing Somoza, who was a vicious and dishonest dictator. The Reagan administration along with the CIA helped to unite a Nicaraguan guerilla force known as the Contras. They become the most well-known American-backed guerilla army under the Reagan Doctrine. Some considered the Contras to be a terrorist organization, while others thought of them as valiant, anti-communist freedom fighters. The Reagan administration believed in the Contra's cause but by the mid 1980's it was clear to the US policymakers that a military victory in Nicaragua would not be possible for the Contras without a direct U.S. military intervention. The Reagan Doctrine was actually applied in Afghanistan over three presidential administrations, since aid began in the

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