The Regency Grand Hotel

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1. Introduction There are some significant challenges in managing the workplace in changing business environment. The workplace environment becomes more complex in which the complexity of interactions, relationships and processes often makes difficult to understand. In the organization, managers are required to be effective in organizing, decisive, and maintain good relationship with employees (Kimball 1997). In this report, the practice of empowerment is analysed as the new management enforce the capacity of employees to make choices and decisions into actions. However, there are situations where employees feel uncomfortable with the change in management. Mostly, people do not accept and understand the benefits in changing the…show more content…
It is shown that John Becker was very keen to address the front office staff so long as there were no problems. However as the number of problems started to mount, John was increasingly getting frustrated and decided not to look into any of the minor issues. Clearly the workforce was in state of chaos and confusion with no proper leaders to handle the situation. 3. Theories and model in conjunction with problems and issues in The Regency Grand Hotel Recent research in management has considered the adaptation of management control to situational factors. An appropriate matching between internal organizational characteristics and the demands created by external environment will lead to an effective organization (Moores & Mak 1993). In the case of The Regency Grand Hotel, there is situation where the new management took control over the business. There are several issues and problems occurred in the new management. Therefore, there are theories or concepts of management based on situational and contingency that can assist in understanding the case problems and issues. One of the theories is Fiedler’s contingency theory which emphasizes the leadership effectiveness depends on both the leader’s personality and the situation in which that leader operates (Fiedler 1967). This theory implies that the most effective style of leadership will vary depending on the characteristics of a situation. For example, in highly routine environment where the

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