The, Regeneration And The Poetry Of Wilfred Owen

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The Conflict Theory which has been suggested by Karl Marx emphasizes the role of coercion and power producing social order. It suggests that there is inequality existing as there is great attention paid to class, sexuality and gender as they are seen as the foundation to the most dominate and enduring conflicts in society. This is presented through texts ‘Birdsong’, Regeneration and the poetry of Wilfred Owen. These texts explore and capture the conflict of WW1 as well as the aftermath and the effect of war on individuals of society. This unprecedented global conflict altered the idea of masculinity as men were forced to function domestically in the trenches which lead to not only physical but psychological trauma that manifested itself through shell shock. The conflict World War 1 had created was infinite as men didn 't only join the army by being 'promised that it would all be over by Christmas ' but also they were driven by the false illusion of honour by patriotism and the false experiences the war would bring to them. It resulted to an abyss of murder, hatred and conflict as the men encounter such horror and devastation that they become immune to it. One of the conflicts men had gone under was physical conflict with 9,722,620 fatalities and 21,228,813 physical impairments.
Rupert Brook was the sort of poet that Owen was fighting against because he romanticized the war by making it look like it was noble sacrifice as propaganda was rife for men to be recruited and…
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