The Reggio Emili A Model Of Early Childhood Development Education

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The Reggio Emilia approach is one that is a model, inspiring early childhood development education. . As children are natural explorers, they enjoy their environment and would love it to be a part of their own creation and knowledge. A typical day in a center that is based off of the Reggio Emilia approach is centered on the interests of the child and the guidance from the teachers. There are various opportunities that are provided to the children from a Reggio Emilia Approach.
This approach was a model of early childhood education that was based on the foundation that would facilitate a child’s learning through different ways. The ways, such as expressive, communicative, and cognitive, were intended to progress early childhood development. This approach was founded by a man who was an early education specialist from Reggio Emilia, a town in North Italy. The man’s name was Loris Malaguzzi. His vision attracted the world through his project and play based curriculum. It was also based on the play of children and the guide of educators. The overall approach is combined from principles that were based off of child-centered curriculums. These types of curriculums included parents, educators, the communities, and the children. This formulated what was known as the “environment.” The environment is known to be the third teacher because it is set up by the educators in order to observe and further the learning of the child. An important factor of this approach is documenting. This…
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