The Regime: The Unification Of Japan

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Japan had not always been a unified country, it had consisted of two-hundred and fifty regions, which were all under the rule of a Daimyo. These Daimyo were constantly at war with each other, all trying to increase their holdings and power. Though the Emperor was the Supreme ruler, the real power and authority was given to the Shogun. The unification of Japan began during the Onin War (1467-77) through the Seven Year War (1592-1598). The importance of unifying Japan was to defeat the warring Daimyo, who were all competing to gain more territory for themselves. The unification of Japan fell under three shoguns, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Oda Nobunaga had begun the unification of Japan which began the Momoyama
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Yoshimoto raised a massive army of 25,000 men and marched toward Owari in 1560. The force was made even larger with reinforcements from the Matsudaira Clan. The armies amassed at the border realms of the Oda Clan holdings in Owari. Nobunaga had only 3,000 men at his command, though this did not stop him from deciding to attack, despite the difference in numbers. His advisors had urged Nobunaga to remain in a defensive position or to surrender without a fight. Paying no heed to his advisor’s wishes, he launched a surprise attack against the Imagawa soldiers. The soldier’s under Nobunaga’s command assembled a number of stuffed dummies and placed them in a position where the Imagawa forces could see them, giving them the impression that Nobunaga had significant manpower. Nobunaga maneuvered his men around to attack the Imagawa encampment; launching the surprise attack, the Oda forces launched their surprise attacks and defeating them. This victory increased Nobunaga’s powers. The Siege of Inabayama Castle was the final battle in Oda Nobunaga’s campaign to defeat the Saito Clan and conquer the Mino Province. This fight went from 13-27 September 1567. It ended in a decisive battle, and victory for Nobunaga’s combined forces and the subjugation of the Saito Clan and their
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