The Regional Aid For Interim Needs, Inc.

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R.A.I.N. Inc
Priscila De Los Santos
Jagadisa-Devasri Dacus
October 1,2015

R.A.I.N Inc.
The Regional Aid for Interim Needs, Inc., known as (R.A.I.N) is located at 3450 Boston Road Bronx, NY. They offer services of care that includes a range of care programs for seniors and those with disabilities. Their quality programs include: full-service neighborhood senior centers, transportation services assistance with benefits and entitlements, case management, and elder abuse services.
My Role within the Agency
As an intern at RAIN, I will provide companionship to elderly citizens that may no longer have family or who are lonely. I have had the experience of being involved in other individuals’ lives. As an intern, I will be able to provide them counseling, conversation, games, shared hobbies, or even a short walk. I believe my strengths are having good communication skills, understanding the problems and needs of others, having the ability to solve conflict situations, exhibiting passion for what they do, being creative and fearless with a high level of responsibility, being carefully detail-oriented ,and harboring good listening skills. I have greatly enjoyed my human services field experience. I usually interacted with a senior named Gloria,who lives in a retirement home, having conversations, playing games, and even going on short walks, allowing her to decide what we would do for the day. This gave me a great opportunity to get involved
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