The Regional Development Organization : Rcreee Or Regional Center For Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency

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1 The Regional Development Organization, RCREEE RCREEE or regional center for renewable energy and energy efficiency is an inde-pendent, intergovernmental and not for profit organization that founded in June, 2008 and has 17 member countries. Its member states are Arab countries and it aims to promote and increase the adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the member states countries and the whole Arab region. It collaborates –on regional basis- with decision makers, NGOs, governments, international organizations, private businesses etc. trying to achieve its regional goals and objectives in a specific working areas. It works in specific areas: research and development, policies and regulations, capacity development, private…show more content…
1.2 RCREEE’s Approach The center developed KPIs or key performance indicators to keep an eye on the ac-complishment of its goals and objectives and to measure the success of its different activities with the member states. These quantitative metrics and indicators are as-signed for each area of the main five core results areas that help member states keep tracking, managing and benchmarking its local performance versus any other country in the region or in the world (RCREEE, 2016c). The main five core impact areas are as following: 1.2.1 Facts and Figures The center provides member states with accurate facts and figures based on a high accurate analysis of data retrieved from accredited resources through a strong coop-eration and partnerships with different local governorates. 1.2.2 Institutions The center work closely with local institutions in the member states to unify the tech-nical standards and frameworks of them which enable to decrease later on the costs of implementing new projects and make future research more easier for analysis. 1.2.3 People One of the main working areas of the center is the capacity building. The center work in this area intensively by providing a wide range of activities such as trainings, semi-nars, workshops, internships etc. to maximize the potential of member states’ people. 1.2.4 Policies The center establish polices
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