The Registered Nurse Functions At An Independent Level Of Nursing

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The registered nurse functions at an independent level of nursing. Registered nurses conduct comprehensive nursing assessments of the health status of clients. A RN is required to conduct the initial assessment of a client. However, the LPN may follow up with conducting focused assessments. The RN retains overall responsibility for verifying data collected, interpreting data, and formulating nursing diagnoses. A registered nurse is responsible for delegating a task initially and for periodic assessments and evaluation of the outcome of the task. RNs may delegate to other RNs, PNs, and APs. Registered nurses must be knowledgeable about their state’s nurse practice act and regulations to guide the use of practical nurses and assistive…show more content…
Typical duties of a board of nursing include administering nurse licensure by overseeing the NCLEX and taking actions against nurses who have exhibited unsafe nursing practice, accrediting nurse education programs, developing polices, rules, and regulations, enforcing the Nurse Practice Act. For any reason you are asked to appear before the board of nursing, once the board receives the complaint the nurse will receive a notice of investigation and the board hires an investigator to look into the matter. The attorney general then serves the nurse with a formal accusation against the nurse’s license and then you must attend a hearing; prudent nurses will hear your case and determine necessary punishment. The American Nurses Association is a professional organization to advance and protect the profession of nursing. The organization establishes standards of nursing practice promoting the rights of nursing in the workplace and advancing the economic and general welfare of nurses. The ANA originated in 1896, formerly named the Nurses Associated Alumnae and renamed the ANA in 1911, based in Silver Spring, Maryland. When nurses give care it is essential to provide a specified service according to standards of practice and a follow a code of ethics. The Institute of Medicine is an American nonprofit, nongovernmental agency. Now called the National Academy of Medicine operates outside of federal government. The national academy of Medicine provides advice on
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