The Regression Model Of The United States

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First of all, I would like to mention that it is more reasonable to compare the models that are based on the same data, so I tried to use the same variables and the same missing value treatment approach (excluding decision tree) to all of the models. All the 3 models showed a performance of nearly the same quality, according to the various lift charts produced and presented in the further parts of the report. However, the difference becomes more evident on the % captured response and the most efficient and useful model turns out to be the logistic regression model. It is described in a greater detail in part 4 of this report. This ROC plot indicates that the logistic regression is also efficient in terms of trade-off between sensitivity and specificity, however it is accompanied by the neural network this time. In our case, the sensitivity is the proportion of bad customers predicted by the model, while specificity is the proportion of good customers predicted as bad customers. Nonetheless, this logistic regression model has some limitations. Missing values treatment – because the model does not treat missing values in the best way by default, you need to be careful with determining the method of treatment by yourself. This logistic regression model is not very good at showing relationships between variables, so during the preliminary analysis stage, other software programmes were used to assist in this. As no model can ensure the 100% sensitivity, this model can
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